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Loyalty 3.0

Discover the development of customer loyalty program with C3 Merchant.

The Evolution of Loyalty Programs

Loyalty 1.0


One-Way Engagement

  • Physical Rewards Redemption

  • Manual Data Collection

  • Data Are Fragmented

Loyalty 2.0


Two-Way Engagement

  • Automated Data collection

  • Segmented Rewards

Loyalty 3.0

3d gift.png

Revolutionary Engagement

  • Big Data Utilization

  • Gamified Programs

  • 360° Customer Preferences & Lifestyle

The Loyalty 3.0 Model

  • Loyalty 3.0 programs combines the traditional loyalty elements, such as points or vouchers with:

    • Engagement Rewards (Gamification)

    • Personalized Rewards (Non-Transactional, Experiential Rewards)

    • Moral Incentives (Promoting Charity and Healthy Lifestyle)

  • All elements are combined with data-driven personalization and several loyalty mechanics including, tiers & badges.

Engagement Rewards

  • Customers Interaction

  • Brand Awareness

  • Trust Building


Members are rewarded with freebies each time they interact or review the brand.  

Personalized Rewards

  • Surprise Excitement

  • Personalized Experience



Members are rewarded on their Anniversary to create personalized experience.  

Moral Incentives

  • Brand Enthusiast Status

  • Society Contribution Status



Members will be given the title, "The Savior" when they donate their points to charity.

Customer Loyalty Development in the Current Market Environment

According to Salesforce, 72% of marketers say meeting customer expectations is more difficult than it was before. Shoppers may have many requests:

  • Quick & Hassle-Free Shopping Experience

  • Monetary Benefits

  • Quality Products

Wake Up! Customers Have Changed!

Attitudes Today

Loyal behavior is more than shopping

Personalization is essential

Experiences over Possessions

Curated content, need influencers' recommendation


Reward all brand loyalty behavior

Personalizing communication, experiences & rewards

Create memorable experiences using events

Aligning with customers' interest & beliefs

The Benefits of Customer Loyalty Programs

According to, returning customers spend 67% more than new customers. Therefore, retention is the top priority in loyalty programs. A well-designed loyalty programs can drive a variety of other business KPIs such as:


Higher lifetime value

Encourage customers to increase their average order value.


Recurring member interactions

Companies can increase their engagement with customers daily.


Social media virality & influencer marketing

Reward customers who invite their peers. Offer influencer-only perks and rewards.


Data collection & user-generated content

Encourage customers to provide reviews, ratings, social media activity.


​Generate a positive ROI

According to Ogilvy, influencer marketing can increase ROI by up to 30%

Loyalty Program in Return of Investment:


According to Antavo,

93.1% of companies that offer a rewards program have a positive Return on Investment (ROI). 

Digitalizing Your Business Now!

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