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C3 Merchant Voucher Creation

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Note: Please install "C3 Merchant" apps from Google Play Store / App Gallery. Please sign in to your account by using the approved Email and password registered after installing the apps.

How to create voucher?

Step 1: Sign in to your account

Step 2: Click (Vouchers > Create)

C3 Merchant Voucher Details:

1. Photos

Insert related image for your voucher by clicking on the '+' button.

2. Name

Create your voucher name.

Eg. RM 5 Cash Voucher @ ABC Restaurant

3. Description

General remark for your voucher.

Eg. Special offers and privileges for food delivery orders / This voucher is valid for ABC Restaurant members.

4. Type (Choose one)

a. General

i. Use offline payment - cash/QR code payment

b. Hotel Booking

c. Package

d. Merchant points

5. Muslim Friendly (Optional)

You may choose either Muslim Friendly voucher or Not Muslim Friendly voucher.

6. Terms and Conditions

Set your own terms & conditions for your voucher.

Eg. Voucher is not for sale

Eg. Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash

Eg. Valid for one-time use only

Eg. This voucher is valid with minimum spend of RM40 in a single transaction

Note: All these terms and conditions are for your reference, you may add more.

7. Contact for Inquiry

Let your customers contact you for inquiry. You can choose any 1 of the 3 methods of contact for your voucher. If you choose:

a. Call - Enter your phone number

b. Email - Enter a valid email address

c. WhatsApp - Enter your WhatsApp number

8. Offline Payment

If offline payment is enabled, you choose different method of discount from the dropdown which are:

a. Amount discount

Eg. RM 10

b. Percentage

Eg. 10%

You can also set the maximum discount by checking the 'Max Discount' box.

9. Minimum Spend (Applicable for discount)

You can set the minimum spend amount to discount. This feature unlocked after enabling the offline payment.

10. Voucher Quantity (Choose one)

Choose the quantity of your voucher.

a. Unlimited

b. Limited quantity

Eg. 50

9. Per Person Quantity (Choose one)

Set the quantity of voucher should be used per person.

a. Unlimited

b. Limited quantity

Eg. 50

10. Voucher Validity (Choose one)

Choose your voucher validity.

a. Valid from ( ) until ( ) (Not auto-generated by system. Late receiver will not enjoy the entire offer)

Eg. Valid from 9 March 2022 until 10 June 2022

b. Valid until ( )

Eg. Valid until 10 June 2022

c. Valid for ( ) day(s) after receive (System will auto-generated the duration) *RECOMMENDED*

Eg. Valid for 90 day(s) after receive

11. Redeem Options (Choose one)

Choose your voucher redemption options.

a. Default setting (Max 1 redemption within 1 day(s)) *RECOMMENDED*

b. Custom setting (set the amount that you want)

i. Max ( ) voucher(s) within ( ) day(s)

Eg. Max 2 voucher(s) within 1 day(s)

ii. Unlimited redemption / No limit

12. Shareable

You can choose whether the voucher is shareable or not.

You can also choose whether this voucher is shareable with other merchants or not.

13. Redemption Point (Choose one)

Select the redemption point platform for your voucher.

a. Select all

b. C3 Rewards

14. Available for Claim Voucher

Enable the 'Available for Claim Voucher' feature to unlock the other features.

15. Voucher Claim Point Setting

You can set the required amount of C3 points & Merchant points to claim your voucher.

a. C3 Point

Eg. 2000

b. Merchant Point

Eg. 1500

16. Voucher Claim Available Area (Choose one)

Select the area for your voucher to be claimed.

a. Nationwide *RECOMMENDED*

b. Specific Nearby

17. Voucher Claim Area (Choose one)

This feature will ONLY appeared when you checked the 'Specific/Nearby' box. Select any area you wished.

a. Select all

b. C3 Rewards

*Lastly, click Save and Publish for C3 admin approval.

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