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RM0.99 Food Delivery Promotion

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Terms and conditions for RM0.99 C3 food delivery promotion:

  • Spend a minimum of RM25

  • Delivery range within 4km

*If your delivery range exceeds 4km, we will charge an additional RM1 per km.

Eg. Delivery range (5km)

RM0.99 + RM 1= RM1.99

How to check and use Membership RM0.99 food delivery promotion?

Step 1: Click Membership

Step 2: Click C3 Rewards, and you will see 0.99 Delivery Fee on the top left-hand corner of the page)

a. To use this promotion, follow the steps below:

*Fulfil the terms and conditions above to get this offer

Step 1: Choose your preferable restaurant, and make an order.

(You will see the RM0.99 delivery fee before you checkout and proceed to your payment)

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