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Recommended Good Old Taste in Melaka

Low Yong Moh Restaurant has been in business for more than 80 years. Various types of dim sum are available at Low Yong Moh Restaurant. Dim sum such as Lor Mai Gai, Char Siew Bun, Siew Mai, Tai Pau, Corn Custard Bun, Salted Egg Custard Bun, Shrimp Dumplings and many more. All of these dim sums are well-seasoned.

Address: 32, Jalan Tukang Emas, 75200 Melaka

Photo credit from IG: @jackin_ig; @mattan_chai; @msihua;

A small family business with over 70 years of Old Duck Noodles – Tengkera Duck Noodle Under the Big Tree! The herbal duck soup is fragrant with flat smooth noodles and tender and juicy braised duck meat. To sum up, the overall taste is awesome! This is a very famous shop in the local area. However, it is constantly packed with customers, so be patient while waiting for your meal.

Address: Melaka, Taman Kota Laksamana, Jalan Kota Laksamana 1/1, 75200.

Photo credit from FB: @Kota Laksamana 大树下鸭面

This Sunday Ice Café is a suitable place for you to enjoy in the hot afternoon. There is a mixed range of ice desserts here. Besides, they serve Laksa and Rojak as well. If you are an ice-lover, you shouldn’t miss this!

Address: 5792-, 2, Jalan Pulau Gadong 6, Taman Pulau Gadong, 75200 Malacca

Photo credit from: @yl.chang; @ am.ay.doubledee; @rach23wee

This old shop is specializing in their yam rice and pork meat soup that is similar to Bak Kut Teh. The soup here has the secret cooking recipe which passed down from the owner’s ancestors. Although there is only one kind of meal here, you can choose any part of the pork according to your preference, whether it is the large intestine, spare ribs, three-layer meat and etc.

Address: 11, Jalan Kampung Pantai, 75200 Melaka.

Photo credit from FB: @Restoran Kok Keong

Photo credit from IG: @lovelybao123; @ngkenkin; @midas400

A corner shop that sells Wonton Mee in Melaka. They serve dry wonton noodles with the red lean Char Siu and vegetables as well as a bowl of wonton soup. The Chili Sauce is placed on every table, you can add it based on your preference.

Address: Melaka, 94, LORONG BUKIT CINA, 75100

Photo credit from FB: 鸿升茶餐室云吞面(Wan Tan Mee Bukit Cina)

Photo credit from IG: @ahchoo_1976; @123_yk

When you visit Melaka, don’t miss Sun May Hiong’s stall! They serve both Pork Satay and Chicken Satay and also the innards of pork such as small intestines and live too. The signature here is the satay sauce which is mixed with peanut sauce and pineapple. Besides, no additional charge for sauce refilling.

Address: 50/52, Jalan Kota Laksamana 1/1, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka

Photo credit from IG: @1btrfly, @i.m.julzi, @seyhock2, @smallb33b33

“San Bao Jing” Soy Milk has been in business for 60 years! They sell delicious and smooth soy milk and Tau Fu Fa. Best known for their Tau Fu Fa with ginger syrup. You must give it a try!

Address: 30A, Lorong Bukit Cina, Kampung Banda Kaba, 75000 Melaka

Photo Credit from FB: @YoMoi Toh

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